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Guide the life with Quality
Innovation as main mindset
  • 0.4um
    Measurement Accuracy
  • 0.8um
    Product Accuracy
  • 0.05mm
    Thinnest Part
  • <3mg
    Dynamic Balance
  • 1/10000
    Critical Accuracy
    Independent R&D
  • 126
    Total Patents
  • Ultra-precision
    Development & Design Of Ultra-precision Mould
Aim the world as the stage
Ningbo Henghe Precision Industry Co.,Ltd.
Aims to become a top ultra-precision manufacturing enterprise.
Henghe Precision has successively cooperated with: Panasonic, SEB,Toshiba, Aisin, SAIC, Kohler, Huawei, Geely,LIUBIKE,WEICHUANG and other well-known domestic & foreign companies.